Donate Securities

People who own stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s or bonds are pleased to see their investments increase in value over time. Unfortunately, when converted back to cash, any capital gains are taxable.

By donating publicly listed securities to the Foundation in-kind, you pay no capital gains tax on their increase in value!

After your donation is received into the Foundation’s brokerage account, we will provide you with a charitable tax receipt for their full market value on the day they are received. This tax receipt:

  • helps reduce the amount of income tax you pay
  • may be carried forward and used in any of the next five years
  • may help reduce the taxes payable by your Estate allowing more of your Estate to go to beneficiaries

Download more information on gifts of securities.

Download a copy of our transfer instruction form. This PDF form may be completed and digitally signed right on your device and forwarded on to your advisor and the Foundation.  If you use self-service, online brokerage, please contact the Foundation for assistance.  Steps to initiate a gift vary from one provider to another.

For assistance with making a gift of securities, please contact:
Charitable Giving Advisor Willard VanderPloeg
519-376-2121 x2736.