Smile Cookie Campaign Raises Over $8,200 for Meaford Hospital Foundation

Jun 19, 2024

The annual Smile Cookie campaign, hosted by Tim Hortons Meaford has concluded with resounding success, raising over $8,200 for the Meaford Hospital Foundation.

Throughout the campaign, which ran from April 29 to May 5th, community members in Meaford and surrounding areas eagerly purchased Smile Cookies. These cookies not only delighted taste buds but also contributed to a significant cause: supporting equipment purchases at the Meaford Hospital.

“We are overwhelmed by the generosity and support shown by our community during this year’s Smile Cookie campaign,” said Lillian Murray, General Manager at Tim Hortons Meaford. “Every cookie purchased has made a meaningful impact on the healthcare services available to our community members.”

The funds raised through this initiative will directly benefit the Meaford Hospital Foundation, helping to enhance patient care, upgrade equipment, and support various hospital programs.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Tim Hortons Meaford and everyone who participated in the Smile Cookie campaign,” said Amelda FitzPatrick, Executive Director of the Meaford Hospital Foundation. “Your contributions will enable us to continue providing exceptional healthcare services to our community.”

The success of the Smile Cookie campaign underscores the power of community involvement and collaboration in supporting local healthcare initiatives. Tim Hortons looks forward to continuing its partnership with the Meaford Hospital Foundation and making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families in the Meaford area.