Hospital Foundation Receives $1 Million Donation

Oct 19, 2021

Jennifer Clumpus, Director; Barbara Little, Chair; Rob Peacock, CEO, Nathalie Sauriol, Chief of Staff, GBHS Meaford; Gary Sims, President & CEO, GBHS; Mrs. Anne Lewitt; Graham Fry, GBHS Site Manager, Meaford; Cara Singh, GBHS Director of Surgery and Women. & Child Care

The Lewitt Family has made a donation of $1 million, the largest gift the Meaford Hospital Foundation has ever received, that will help diagnose and treat people in our community for generations to come.

“This important and timely gift will be used for the GBHS Meaford Hospital’s new Cataract Surgery Suite and for new X-ray machines and Cardiac Monitors in the Emergency Department,” said Rob Peacock, CEO of the Meaford Hospital Foundation.

The new Cataract Surgery Suite at Meaford Hospital is scheduled to open in the winter of 2022. The new Suite, along with the existing clinic in Owen Sound, will effectively reduce wait times across the region.

The Cataract Surgery Suite will include state-of-the-art technology – a microscope with software that will enable patients to replace the lens with one that corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism – allowing patients to have their cataract removed and then be able to go glasses-free after the procedure as their vision will be corrected with the new lens.

Within the Emergency Department, the new X-ray units will have lower radiation doses and higher image quality, benefiting physicians, staff, and ultimately, patients.

The four new Cardiac Monitors in Emergency will be critical to healthcare, including the whole spectrum of patient populations from newborn to geriatrics, with all conditions.

With an ageing population that continues to grow, there is an urgent need to ensure Grey Bruce Health Services has the technology and local expertise to deliver high-quality care that’s close to home.

The Meaford Hospital Foundation works with all system partners, patients, donors, municipalities, community members, and other stakeholders in supporting our health care system.

“This remarkable gift will make such a difference to the many aspects of medical delivery at the Meaford Hospital, impacting and inspiring all our staff and our community,” said Dr. Nathalie Sauriol, Chief of Staff at Meaford Hospital.

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