Georgian Bay Club donates $27,500 for a new Contactless Access Control System at The Meaford Hospital

Oct 26, 2021

Rob Peacock, CEO of The Meaford Hospital Foundation, John Leckie, Chair of The Meaford Hospital Foundation, CGMHF with members of the Georgian Bay Club Foundation at the Georgian Bay Club, Clarksburg, Ont.

When it comes to healthcare, access control plays a crucial role. Access control systems helps the hospital to manage the permissions given to different identities inside a hospital. For example – a doctor may have access to certain rooms, research labs, and intensive care units, whereas a cleaning staff or a nursing staff may not have the same access. To grant a different level of access to different personnel or patients in a hospital, a well-developed access control system is pivotal in healthcare.

Many hospitals are using a card based access control system for their staff and doctors and use either a card based or a manual system for their visitors. Few hospitals often make use of a biometric security system. Although both the systems are equally good and secure they pose a substantial safety challenge. If not kept clean and sanitized, hospitals are home to hundreds of viruses and bacteria. The access-controlled doors and gates are one of the most touched surfaces inside a hospital. Sanitizing them every 10minutes is not possible. Cards may even get lost or can be stolen and pose a security threat, they also have to be managed as employees join and leave the organization. Instances of tailgating is also common when it comes to card-based access control systems.

There is also a greater risk of COVID-19 looming upon us. When the world is fighting with COVID-19 and people are trying to stay away from the virus, hospitals are the only place where doctors are treating patients infected with the virus. To keep the doctors and the hospital staff safe, every hospital needs to reduce the touchpoints and promote contactless access control security systems.

Thank you to The Georgian Bay Club for this important equipment for The Meaford Hospital.