Thank you for your generosity!

Your support has helped us to raise the money to meet and exceed our needs.

Our hematology microscope is vital, smaller than other types of equipment in the lab, but very important in detecting abnormality in cells and monitoring disease processes. This critical diagnostic tool can help identify bacterial and viral infections such as UTI’s, mononucleosis, appendicitis and can also assist in diagnosing anemia and cancer.

Like all equipment, this specialized technology has an expected lifespan and ours could no longer be updated nor repaired. Our previous microscope did its job for 20+ years, surpassing its expected life to the point where replacement parts were not available.

The laboratory plays an important role within the hospital’s support services. Our lab techs ensure patient samples are processed 24/7, with staff on site all day every day and someone on call during the night.

Every year, thousands of patients receive excellent care at the Meaford Hospital. Strong community support is what makes this kind of care possible. It’s what helps us acquire new, state-of-the-art technology, greatly improving the lives of our patients.

Thank you again for your tremendous support!

Rob Peacock, CEO
Meaford Hospital Foundation