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How To Videos

Page Builder

Navigate to Page
Enable Visual Builder

Duplicate post or page
Edit content
Apply Category if needed


Call To Action Blocks

1. Change row (green) from 2 to 3 columns ( blue is section which contains a green row of various columns that contains various modules stacked for text, image, button etc.
2. Color 3rd column
3. Duplicate text, image and or button modules from second column
4. Drag them to third column
5. Adjust each module with new text, image, button link.
6. Adjust size and or colors as required

Adding a PDF as a menu item

1. Rename Pdf file- no spaces-use dashes or underscores for word separation.
2. Sign in to website > Media Library > Add Media > upload file > once uploaded click file icon & copy URL address

3. Appearance > Menu > select Main Menu (may already be selected) > Open Custom Links Tab on left > Paste file’s URL & enter menu title (Link Text) > Click add to menu > Drag new menu item(at bottom) to correct sub menu position in menu. Open the new link and check on “Open link in a new tab” (do this for pdfs and external site links) > Save Menu

A cautionary note – do not add menu items to top level as this will not format correctly on some screen sizes. We will need to adjust this if needed.


If you having issues editing an area please contact us at Precision by email or phone us at 519-376-3687