Local Needs for 2022/2023

Equipment plays a critical role at Meaford Hospital. It allows doctors, nurses and technical staff to offer the latest in tests and procedures to patients from across the Meaford area. A well-equipped Hospital also saves patients from having to travel to larger centers for medical care, and it helps us to recruit and keep doctors and other medical professionals local.

The 2022/2023 Capital Requests for Meaford Hospital are listed below. It is your support that allows us to meet these equipment needs.
Bathroom Refresh project:  $60,000
Corporate Patient Lift Initiative including slings:  $7,578
Wayfinding for Hospital:  $15,000
Access Control – Stair – At Elevator:  $5,000
Access Control – Stair – At ER Entry:  $5,700
Auto Operator Door – ER To Vestibule:  $4,394
Auto Operator Door – Main ER Triage Door:  $6,625
Isolated Worker Alarm:  $15,000

Grey Bruce Health System 2022/2023 Capital Equipment Requirements include:
Emergency Capital Purchases:  $378,298
4 Defibrillators X4 + Transport monitors X2:  $107,000
Ceiling Motors X 17:  $6,248
Hitachi Upgrade F370:  $81,285
Corporate Storage Area Network (SAN):  $165,000
Data centre UPS battery replacement:  $18,659
Expansion of backup data solution:  $55,000
Replace NVR – Improve Analytics, Improve Safe Room Tablet software:  $17,000