Dear Friends and Supporters of the Foundation,
During August and September of this year I visited our ER 3 times. Doctors there used a defibrillator to pump 120 joules of electrical current into my heart. This equipment meant I was safe and being cared for close to home. Defibrillators are a critical piece of equipment used to save people’s lives every day. They play a particularly important role in our rural hospitals, where patients in critical situations need to be transported to a larger centre for urgent care. I know, I’ve experienced their skills first hand.
On behalf of everyone at the Meaford Hospital, we hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy. May you and your loved ones share a warm and wonderful holiday season! This Christmas keep your hospital close to your heart, I know I will!
With gratitude,
Barbara Little
Chair, Meaford Hospital Foundation and grateful patient.

Donate this holiday for 3 new defibrillators and help keep healthcare close to home!

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