Case for Support

Our Vision:

To inspire our community to be passionately invested in quality health care.

Our Mission:

To provide resources to our healthcare professionals to meet the needs of the community.

A Proud History of Health Care Close to Home

Meaford Hospital, part of the Grey Bruce Health Services (GBHS), is a leader in health care for select acute care and other community programs and services. This “hub” of healthcare sites, includes Owen Sound, Lion’s Head, Markdale, Meaford, Southampton and Wiarton. The Meaford Hospital has been taking care of our local community for 70 years. Today, our hospital continues to provide exemplary health care to the residents of the Municipality of Meaford, The Town of Blue Mountains, and the North-East portion of Grey Highlands.

    Our Challenges:

    The Municipality of Meaford and the Town of Blue Mountains are some of the fastest growing communities in all of Ontario. Growth is steadily upon us.

    Responding to Our Need

    Ensuring quality health care close to home also means ensuring that our medical team has the necessary equipment they need to deliver the health care they are trained to provide. Contrary to popular belief, new medical equipment and other capital expenditures are NOT covered by provincial funding. Hospitals are 100 per cent responsible for the purchase of equipment, as well as other capital investments such as minor renovations and computer systems. That means Hospital Foundations must raise the money in the community in order to buy everything from blood pressure cuffs and patient beds to the hi-tech equipment in the Diagnostic Imaging Department.

    It Will Make a Difference

    The benefit of our investment in equipment will serve to ease the continuing and increased demands of our collective communities served by the Meaford Hospital Site within the Grey Bruce Health Services family.

    By the Numbers


    Meaford Hospital Quick Facts
    Below are quick facts about the Meaford Hospital Site itself from 2020/2021, indicating the high level of patient activity carried out by the hospital, for both inpatients and ambulatory care needs as a whole:

    Grey Bruce Health Services
    Quick Facts

    Below are some additional statistics about the entire Grey Bruce Health Services as a whole:

    Quality Acute Patient Care Close to Home: Equipment

    The Meaford Hospital Foundation has been raising funds to support equipment purchases for the Hospital since its founding in 1983. Working together with GBHS, the Foundation is committed to creating a healthy community. Over the years, donors and volunteers from the Meaford Hospital Foundation have helped to fund many priority needs, including most recently, the Cataract Surgery Suite and have also purchased equipment to improve healthcare.

    Below are the Capital Equipment Requirements for the current Fiscal Year at both the Meaford Hospital Site, as well as a portion of the Capital Equipment needs within GBHS as a whole.

      Our Request

      We ask that you please consider making an investment in medical equipment through the Meaford Hospital Foundation. Let’s ensure that the Hospital and GBHS have the medical equipment they need to continue to deliver excellent health care close to home.

      “It has been a challenging year for so many people on so many different levels – the COVID-19 Pandemic has caused illness and hurt our community, disrupted family lives, and kept us apart from our loved ones, as well as impacted our mental health. Throughout all of this, individuals and businesses have contributed immensely and for that, we are extremely grateful.”
      Gary Sims, President and CEO, Grey Bruce Health Services


      Amelda FitzPatrick
      Senior Development Officer
      Meaford Hospital Foundation

      226 Nelson St. W, Meaford, ON  N4L 1A3
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