My name is Bernadette Mervyn. I have worked at the Brightshores Meaford site for twelve years, and I love my job. I love the work that I do, I love the people I interact with, and I love my community.

In addition to my nursing role, I was recently appointed Interim Manager of the Brightshores Meaford site, which means overseeing staffing, scheduling, budgetary decisions and patient care – making sure the medical/clinical teams have the peoplepower and tools they needto succeed. Tools that are purchased by the community – funded by generous people like you.

In the last year alone, generous contributions from our community have enabled us to purchase Zeiss Visual Field eye testing technology which identifies potential diminished or blind spots in a patient’s vision; the ERBE VIO 3 state-of-the-art cautery equipment to control blood flow during surgical procedures; and other equipment that will ensure every one of our patients can count on the most advanced care possible from a hospital that is close to home. I hope they can count on you to continue this tradition of giving.

I am reaching out to tell you about an exciting development here.  Effective April 3rd, the Brightshores Meaford site is once again offering orthopedic surgical services. These are currently being offered one day every other week by Dr. Jay Adlington, Orthopedic Surgeon. However, our existing orthopedic power tools are obsolete. The batteries cannot be replaced. So, until we acquire new tools in the operating room at the Brightshores Meaford site, we are limited in the type of surgeries we are able to perform and are reliant on Owen Sound to transfer this equipment to Meaford.

These new tools consist of a compact and modular battery-driven surgical power tool system which includes a comprehensive set of attachments and accessories for traumatology and small bone surgeries. The ergonomic design provides high working comfort with low hand fatigue during long procedures. Attachments include drills, bits, screwdrivers, and saws used in the placement of pins, plates and screws required in treating bone injuries.

Having updated surgical equipment is essential to orthopedic services, and with the government providing little funding for medical equipment, we must rely on the generosity of people in our community to meet the needs of our hospital.

With my sincere gratitude,

Bernadette Mervyn, OR Nurse
Interim Manager, Meaford Site
Brightshores Health System

P.S.  Please help us continue to provide expert care for every patient who comes to the Brightshores Meaford site by giving as generously as you can today. Thank you.