MARILYN’S STORY by Helen Solmes

MARILYN’S STORY by Helen Solmes

An estimated 25,000 Canadian women were diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Marilyn Morris never thought she would be one of them. 

Needless to say, the diagnosis that she had a form of breast cancer, known as ductal carcinoma,  hit Marilyn hard, like a rogue wave off Georgian Bay in mid-winter. She was left feeling numb, frozen in mid-stride, and frightened. 

During those early days, Marilyn’s family, friends, GP, and the Owen Sound Regional Hospital staff were with her, to support her, and see her through. “They drew me out of the initial shock and calmed my fears,” she said. “They helped me to maintain a positive attitude and to move forward.” 

But Marilyn still had surgery and radiation to face. She is the quintessential leader, ever so positive, a true champion of all that is good in family life, community, and people’s personal achievements. To say that Marilyn Morris was caught off-stride is testimony to just how crushing a cancer diagnosis can be.  

Marilyn is a very effective public relations person in her role as Head Scarecrow of the world-renowned Meaford Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival. She is always on top of her game, informed, organized, and seemingly very composed. Yet, even now, with her surgery and radiation behind her, tears well up when she tries to express the gratitude she feels for the support she has found in family, friends, her GP, and the Owen Sound Regional Hospital staff. “They have been my lifeline in this situation,” she says. 

“I value the excellent communication I have with my GP and the Owen Sound Regional Hospital staff, and they with each other. I am so grateful for their empathy and compassion and for the excellent care I am receiving close to home. Never have I doubted that I am getting the best possible care right here in Grey Bruce.  And because of this I have felt free to focus on being the very best patient I can be:  open, honest, and confident that they are here to help me.

Their incredible support has given me faith that I can crush cancer. Together as a team, we will continue to move forward till I do.

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Dr. Naomi Klages, G.P., Thornbury and Marilyn Morris, Meaford

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